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Best Foot Forward: The Best Girls Sweet Romance Book 3

Best Foot Forward: The Best Girls Sweet Romance Book 3

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What happens when your brother makes you think the girl you love is trying to hide from a stalker? You might just do something crazy...

Grace Marshall knows guys are only attracted to her physically, and that attraction is bound to wear off. That's why she's so careful to guard her heart.

That is, until Brad comes along and starts tearing down her defenses. When he mentions the word "love" she breaks off the relationship. It was the right thing to do... So why does she feel so miserable?

Doctor Brad Gates is in love with Grace. The little dynamo won him over with her zest for life and love of sports. But she's skittish where love is concerned. She tries to end the relationship, but Brad isn't going down without a fight.

Grace soon regrets her decision. But every attempt to communicate with Brad is thwarted. Could it be a sign they shouldn't be together?

When Brad's interfering brother spins a story about Grace's fear of a crazed stalker and her resulting decision to pursue plastic surgery, the rollercoaster goes for a loop. But a concussion can hardly make him feel any worse than he does already.

If you love sweet romance that will make you laugh and cry and leave you with a smile, you'll love USA Today Bestselling Author Tamie Dearen's Best Girls Series!

Grab this fun medical romance today!

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