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The Billionaire's Fortunate Blizzard - 7

The Billionaire's Fortunate Blizzard - 7

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The Limitless Sweet Billionaire Romance Series Book 7

A blizzard strands them together, but her secrets drive them apart.


When Carly gets on the plane, she doesn’t expect her seatmate to be a sizzling hottie.

They lock eyes, and she recognizes him. Liam Bennett... the guy she’s had a crush on for the last 16 years! Thankfully, he doesn't recognize her. Because he would despise her if he knew who she was.

A freak blizzard leaves Carly at the airpot without a hotel room. She has nowhere to turn but Liam. Stranded together at his friend’s house, Carly struggles to keep her identity a secret.

When Liam is with Carly, he feels whole again. She doesn't treat him like he has a disability. She seems attracted to him, especially the way she responded to that kiss. But she's hiding something...

Every minute they spend together, Carly falls even harder for Liam. But she's partially to blame for ruining his life. Should she take a chance at a relationship, knowing she could cause him even more pain?

You'll love this standalone billionaire romance novella from USA Today bestselling author Tamie Dearen. The story takes place before The Billionaire's Secret Marriage, but the Limitless Series doesn't have to be read in chronological order.

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