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Carry On Wayward Son: A Sweet Romantic Comedy - Book 2

Carry On Wayward Son: A Sweet Romantic Comedy - Book 2

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Underground Granny Matchmakers Book 2

Rule #1 - If you offer to help a guy win back his old girlfriend, don’t fall in love with him!

GeeBee thinks she’s sneaky, but I’m on to her. When she sends me over to redesign Race’s condo, I know what she’s up to. GeeBee wants us to get married, just like my sister and his brother did.

But I’m not Race’s type. He’s a rockstar, and I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket if you held a gun to my head!

The good news is that Race is on my side. I told him he’s not my type either. Together, we should be able to foil GeeBee’s plans to match us up.

April is helping me win back the woman I lost. Only, I'm not so sure I want her back anymore.

And now GeeBee is finding new matches for April. First, my old high school nemesis. And then my roommate.
Doesn't she realize those guys aren't good enough for April?

It’ll take an act of desperation to get April’s attention.

But I know her weaknesses: flowers, chocolate and (most important of all) throw pillows!

I just hope it’s not too late... 

You'll love this second book of the sweet romantic comedy series, Underground Granny Matchmakers, from USA Today bestselling author Tamie Dearen! Grab your copy now!

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