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Jingle Bell Rock: A Sweet Christmas Romantic Comedy - Book 3

Jingle Bell Rock: A Sweet Christmas Romantic Comedy - Book 3

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Underground Granny Matchmaker Book 3

There's only one problem with my upcoming royal wedding. . . I didn't choose the groom!

I'm a secret princess on the run. You'd be running, too, if your uncle was going to make you marry Carlisle the Argyle.
I need a fake husband fast!

Except I have my head stuck on a shrub. (Long story...)

And wouldn't you know it -- the person who answers the door and finds me in this predicament isn't the granny matchmaker I was expecting.
It's a man!

I can't tell what he looks like, because of the whole head-stuck-on-a-shrub thing, but he sounds super hot.

I'm hoping for a miracle so he never sees my face... like maybe a tornado or an earthquake or a zombie attack.
But I'm not that lucky... the story of my life!

I only kissed her to keep her safe from her abusive ex. It didn't mean anything.
(Lie number 1)

And it barely affected me.
(Lie number 2)

And I'm not the least bit attracted to her, because she's all wrong for me.
(Lie number 3)

Now my head is so messed up I'm willing to fly around the world and make a fool of myself to get her attention.
(That's a solid truth!)

Jingle Bell Rock is a sweet royal romcom with a fake relationship and lots of very real laughter! Grab your copy of this fun, sweet romantic comedy from USA Today bestselling author Tamie Dearen.

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