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I Love Rock N Roll: A Sweet Romantic Comedy - Book 1

I Love Rock N Roll: A Sweet Romantic Comedy - Book 1

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Underground Granny Matchmaker Book 1

I promise that kiss was an accident... both times.

Even when she's drenched from head to toe, Harmony Rivers manages to be the most adorable woman I've ever seen.

But here's the kicker: she's playing the role of my rockstar brother's girlfriend.

And guess what? This whole crazy fake-dating idea? Yeah, you guessed it right, it was totally my brainchild. Ugh!

So, I might have developed a little crush on West, but guess what he's been up to? Avoiding me since our spontaneous smooch. Wonder if I'm a terrible kisser or something.

But hold up, I'm now flipping through this magazine article, picking up a few tips and tricks. If his lips ever come near mine again, I'll be ready.

GEEBEE I swear these two are like love-struck puppies stumbling in the dark. They seriously need Grandma's expertise to find their way.

If you're up for a hearty laugh, dive into this romance by Tamie Dearen, a USA Today bestselling pro at spinning lovey-dovey tales. Ready to tag along on West and Harmony's crazy ride?

You'll love the Underground Granny Matchmaker series, where grandma's got more than just knitting skills to stir up some romance.

Or grab the Underground Granny Matchmakers Bundle and save 35%!

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