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Tamie Dearen Books

Underground Granny Matchmakers Books 1-4

Underground Granny Matchmakers Books 1-4

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I Love Rock N Roll

I promise that kiss was an accident... both times.

Even when she's drenched from head to toe, Harmony Rivers manages to be the most adorable woman I've ever seen.

But here's the kicker: she's playing the role of my rockstar brother's girlfriend.

And guess what? This whole crazy fake-dating idea? Yeah, you guessed it right, it was totally my brainchild. Ugh!

So, I might have developed a little crush on West, but guess what he's been up to? Avoiding me since our spontaneous smooch. Wonder if I'm a terrible kisser or something.

But hold up, I'm now flipping through this magazine article, picking up a few tips and tricks. If his lips ever come near mine again, I'll be ready.

GEEBEE I swear these two are like love-struck puppies stumbling in the dark. They seriously need Grandma's expertise to find their way.

Carry On Wayward Son

Rule #1 - If you offer to help a guy win back his old girlfriend, don’t fall in love with him!

GeeBee thinks she’s sneaky, but I’m on to her. When she sends me over to redesign Race’s condo, I know what she’s up to. GeeBee wants us to get married, just like my sister and his brother did.

But I’m not Race’s type. He’s a rockstar, and I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket if you held a gun to my head!

The good news is that Race is on my side. I told him he’s not my type either. Together, we should be able to foil GeeBee’s plans to match us up.

April is helping me win back the woman I lost. Only, I'm not so sure I want her back anymore.

And now GeeBee is finding new matches for April. First, my old high school nemesis. And then my roommate.
Doesn't she realize those guys aren't good enough for April?

It’ll take an act of desperation to get April’s attention.

But I know her weaknesses: flowers, chocolate and (most important of all) throw pillows!

I just hope it’s not too late...

Jingle Bell Rock

There's only one problem with my upcoming royal wedding. . . I didn't choose the groom!

I'm a secret princess on the run. You'd be running, too, if your uncle was going to make you marry Carlisle the Argyle.
I need a fake husband fast!

Except I have my head stuck on a shrub. (Long story...)

And wouldn't you know it -- the person who answers the door and finds me in this predicament isn't the granny matchmaker I was expecting.
It's a man!

I can't tell what he looks like, because of the whole head-stuck-on-a-shrub thing, but he sounds super hot.

I'm hoping for a miracle so he never sees my face... like maybe a tornado or an earthquake or a zombie attack.
But I'm not that lucky... the story of my life!

I only kissed her to keep her safe from her abusive ex. It didn't mean anything.
(Lie number 1)

And it barely affected me.
(Lie number 2)

And I'm not the least bit attracted to her, because she's all wrong for me.
(Lie number 3)

Now my head is so messed up I'm willing to fly around the world and make a fool of myself to get her attention.
(That's a solid truth!)

Looking for a Cowboy

Ever have one of those days that go so badly you want to crawl back into bed and start over?

You'd think running into a famous movie star in our small Texas town would make it a good day.
Yeah... not when I do it.

You see, in Matt's case, I don't just run into him. I knock him to the ground and fall on top of him and smash his lungs.
All that, before I even recognize him.

Yeah, I may do dumb things, but at least I do it in a spectacular way. Just one more reason I'll never find true love!

Avoiding him seems like the logical choice, but life has other plans. Turns out, I'm supposed to play matchmaker for him and my Gramma's client. So, here I am, stuck on a ranch for the entire summer while they film a movie.

Oh, and did I mention I'm also babysitting Matt's adorable four-year-old son? Yeah, I see Matt every day.

He's a hot, celebrity superstar, and I'm a small-town high school English teacher. He's so far out of my league he's in a different solar system. I mean, he'd never be interested in someone like me—unless he's secretly harboring a death wish.

Falling for him would be the dumbest thing I ever did. A sure way to get my heart broken.

But you know me, I have a habit of doing dumb things.

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